Terms and conditions

Introduction iTaxi Driver GO. iTaxi Go App

The use of the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app by taxi companies or the taxi drivers who work for them and who are registered under their names (hereinafter referred to as “users”) is based on the following general terms of use. With the first use of the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app and each time he logs in to the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app, the user accepts these general terms of use as legally binding. NOTE: The user is also bound by the regulations that apply to him when using the services of ITAXI DRIVER GO, in particular by any local taxi transport laws, tariffs and tariff regulations that apply to them. He may only accept transport orders to the extent and only where this is permissible according to the applicable provisions.

1. Services from ITAXI DRIVER GO

1.1 ITAXI DRIVER GO mediates taxi companies or the taxi drivers registered in their names with potential passengers who are looking for a taxi via ITAXI DRIVER GO and / or courier trips. The brokerage is carried out using the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app software, which ITAXI DRIVER GO makes available to the user for internet-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones (hereinafter: "devices") in accordance with the present General Terms of Use for this purpose. The agency services of ITAXI DRIVER GO and their conditions are not the subject of these terms and conditions.

1.2 The service content of the software does not include the use of the Internet required for this. The user is responsible for the Internet access, the technical requirements and the configuration and performance of the terminal device for using the application and the up-to-dateness of the required software and at his own expense.

2. Availability

2.1 The user is not entitled to permanent and uninterrupted functionality of the driver app. However, ITAXI DRIVER GO endeavors to achieve the highest possible availability and to resolve disruptions as quickly as possible.

2.2 In addition, ITAXI DRIVER GO has the right to temporarily stop all or part of the services offered by means of the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app, even without informing the user individually. Information on this will be given in good time and for a period of three months only generally via the ITAXI DRIVER GO homepage.

3. General Contractual Obligations of the User

3.1 Before using the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app, the user must register or be registered with ITAXI GO by providing truthful information. The user is always obliged to provide the personal data truthfully and completely and in accordance with the respective specifications of ITAXI GO and to keep them up to date and to maintain them.

3.2 The user may only use the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app if he has all the necessary permits for driving by taxi and observing and fulfilling all legal requirements for driving by taxi. In the event that he does not own this himself, the user may only use the software for his drivers who are registered under his name at “ITAXI DRIVER GO” and who meet the above-mentioned requirements.

3.3 The terminal device required for use must be permanently installed in the taxi and the requirements of the locally applicable road traffic laws must be observed when using it.

3.4 Since the user can be recognized by participating potential passengers in the immediate vicinity as a potential carrier via the activated ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app, he is obliged to accept open transport orders assigned to him in accordance with the provisions of the laws applicable to him, as long as the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver -App activated and his vehicle is free.

4. Software

4.1 The user must use the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app in such a way that it is not impaired, overloaded or damaged and the purpose pursued with this ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app is neither endangered nor circumvented. The user will not circumvent or change the safety precautions of the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app either himself or through third parties.

4.2 ITAXI DRIVER GO retains all rights to the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app. The ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app made available to the user may not be copied, changed, reverse engineered, decompiled and / or distributed.

4.3 The user must keep his user name and password safe and must not disclose them to third parties or allow them access to the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app. He is responsible for the confidentiality and security of his user account. He must inform ITAXI DRIVER GO immediately of any unauthorized use by third parties.

5. Responsibility for content

5.1 The responsibility for content or content published and transmitted on the ITAXI DRIVER GO website lies solely with the publisher. This person is obliged to adhere to the law and statutes while maintaining good morals and the requirement of being relevant. ITAXI DRIVER GO is in no way liable for such third-party content.

5.2 If publications violate the above rules, ITAXI DRIVER GO is accepted authorized to delete them immediately.

6. Location, third party data

6.1 For the implementation of the mentioned services, the current location of the taxi passenger searching and the currently participating user is located when the location function is switched on.

6.2 Personal data of other parties that are transmitted or known to the user via the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app may not be processed by them for purposes other than providing the mediating service and / or transmitted to uninvolved third parties. The other only applies if the other party has given their express consent.

7. Exclusion from Use

7.1 Due to serious violations of the obligations arising from the law and / or the applicable contractual agreements, the user can be temporarily or permanently excluded from use in whole or from individual partial services.

7.2 A blockage also occurs if the taxi company does not meet its obligation to pay the remuneration in time, revokes the direct debit authorization or the user does not carry out the transport after accepting a trip or after booking in advance, without a specific reason for this is present and he proves this.

8. Change and termination of service

8.1 ITAXI DRIVER GO reserves the right at any time to change the software in a manner that is reasonable for the user in order to further develop it and improve its quality.

8.2 The contract for the transfer and granting of the rights of use to the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app can also be terminated at any time and without giving reasons by either party with immediate effect in text form (email and push message are sufficient). All that is required for the user to do this is to uninstall the ITAXI DRIVER GO driver app software from their end device.

9. Scoring system

9.1 The user consents to the passengers being transported by evaluate the services provided (driver and vehicle).

9.2 The user also agrees that these are not anonymized Reviews will be published on the homepage www.mytaxi.com and in the software as long as the user participates in the ITAXI DRIVER GO service.

10. Liability

10.1 Regulations on the liability of ITAXI DRIVER GO can be found in the country-specific

Liability conditions, which are hereby expressly referred to.

10.2 If the user is responsible for a violation of the law, he releases ITAXI DRIVER GO from liability towards third parties and the costs of appropriate legal defense. In addition, the user is obliged to compensate ITAXI DRIVER GO for the damage incurred in the event of culpable injury.

10.3 The user is obliged, if third parties assert claims against ITAXI DRIVER GO due to his infringement, to inform ITAXI DRIVER GO comprehensively and immediately, insofar as this is necessary for examination and defense.

11. Final provisions

11.1 Conditions that contradict or deviate from these general terms and conditions will not be recognized unless ITAXI DRIVER GO expressly agrees to their validity. Should a provision of these general terms and conditions be ineffective, unenforceable or should they contain a loophole, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. Instead of the ineffective provisions or to fill the gap, a regulation should apply that comes closest to the economic purpose of these terms and conditions.

11.2 The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising from this contract or in connection with it is the registered office of ITAXI DRIVER GO for all parties, provided there are no mandatory provisions to the contrary.

11.4 ITAXI DRIVER GO reserves the right to change these terms and conditions insofar as this is reasonable for the taxi operator. If the taxi operator does not exercise his right of termination within three weeks after notification of a change, his consent to the changes is deemed to have been given. The terms and conditions can always be viewed online on the ITAXI DRIVER GO website, WWW.ITAXI-ONLINE.RO contact@itaxi-online.ro

The purpose of the application is to connect customers looking for a taxi or delivery service with service providers.

A basic condition for the user of the application is to declare that he has read and understood the rules of use of the application ITAXI GO and ITAXI DRIVER GO.

The application is used by authorized companies that provide taxi and delivery services.

The ITaxi GO and iTaxi Driver GO apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Store and App Store.

The driver can use the application by monthly payment it is possible to purchase credit for the use of the application by credit card or by central payment of the company with the operators of the application. The price will be adjusted in negotiations with each company.

Using the location in the driver’s application (iTaxi Driver GO)

The driver has the choice of being active or inactive ("online" / "offline").

We use location and background location to position drivers on the map This is necessary for drivers to be positioned on the map in their current location in order to appear to customers on the map so that they can select the desired customer. Without access to the location in the background, customers will not see the current position of drivers.

Driver registration:

The driver chooses his username, first name, last name, phone number, e-mail password, company name, photo ID, driver's license, driver's photo, vehicle type, year of manufacture, fare per kilometer travel. Confirmation and completion of registration is done via SMS.

Passenger registration:

The passenger chooses his username, password, first name, first name, e-mail address, telephone number. Confirmation and completion of registration is done via SMS.

The cost of the trip to the customer is calculated for each driver based on the fare set by the driver for each kilometer of travel, distance traveled, fare for the start of the trip, estimated travel time and estimated stop times based on traffic load.

The minimum cost of the short trip is 10 lei. Between 22:00 and 06:00 the next day, the cost of the trip will increase by 20%

The fare for a taxi is up to 3 passengers per trip and for a delivery order of up to 5 kg for delivery. For extra weight, the cost must be coordinated in advance by phone with the driver.

The driver has the choice of being active or inactive ("online" / "offline").

The customer can see in the application the cars within a radius of 5 km, the available ones having the green color, and the occupied ones having the red color.

The customer selects the destination where he wants to reach, and the application calculates the optimal route based on distance and time.

The customer chooses the available car and can see before ordering the car model, year of manufacture, taxi company and / or driver's picture and the driver's ability to accept payment in cash or by card.

After the customer has chosen the desired car, the order is automatically sent to the driver for the chosen race. The driver receives the calculated route, the passenger's location and the total amount that the customer offers for this service. The driver has the option to accept or reject the offer, and the customer is notified.

When the driver accepts the customer's offer:

The driver sees the name and phone number of the customer, the distance from him and the price of the trip.
The customer can see in real time the driver's progress to the meeting point, the driver's phone number and the car number.
The customer and the driver can communicate after placing the order by calling directly on the mobile phone. Registered drivers declare that they comply with the legislation in force.
The customer pays the driver the amount proposed and accepted at the time of booking.
The terms and conditions may be modified depending on the market, the legislative changes in force and the interests of SC Traffic Monitor Srl.

General information

SC Traffic Monitor Srl, CUI / CIF 24711051 is a Romanian company that has the right to use www.itaxi-online.ro, iTaxi GO and iTaxi Ro Driver GO.
To access the website, drivers must use real data; otherwise, restrictions on this action may apply.
SC Traffic Monitor SRL reserves the right to select the persons to whom it allows access on the site and in applications.
The driver declares that, at the time of any transport service he provides through the iTaxi Driver GO application, he has the legal right to drive, the car he drives is in technical condition that complies with the legislation in force on passenger transport and that it has compulsory insurance.
SC Traffic Monitor SRL is not responsible for the quality of transport services provided by drivers registered in the application.
SC Traffic Monitor SRL does not assume the obligation to store information about orders placed by customers or information about carriers.